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About Me

Faith. Family. HEALthcare. Natural Living.

Allison M. Green is a native of Louisiana where good food and fun is always in season. Allison is the wife of Grammy & Stellar Award nominated producer Cecil Green Sr. and mother of 1.  Allison is also a Certified Pediatric Nurse Pracitioner in Primary Care (CPNP-PC), a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (CBS), an essential oil educator and a freelance healthwriter.


A lover of HEALth and wellness, natural healing and living, Allison takes pride in learning and teaching others how to use CPTG essential oils and essential oil supplements to improve and maintain health. Allison is often heard saying, "I cherish my medical knowledge but I also know that everything does not necessitate a pill or a prescription." Allison states that merging her medical knowledge and her ever growing knowledge of essential oils has been a game changer in how she sees healthcare.  

Allison's faith is the firm foundation on which she stand. "I am all that I am and have acheived all that I have because of God." 


When Allison is not working or writing you can find her sitting at her sewing machine stitching together something amazing or in her flower or vegetable garden, becoming one with nature.

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