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My 2020 Sewing Makes!

Hey y’all! Thank you for checking out this blog post. This blog won’t be so much as something to read but it’ll be a video of me showing you some of the clothing items I‘ve made for myself and my family during the year of 2020. Last year, I did more sewing for myself than I’ve done in a very long time! I’m happy for that. I am making it my business to do even more sewing for myself this year. I already have a few projects in mind that I want to sew.

Were there sewing fails? YES!!! 😆 LOL! Most of my sewing fails was with me attempting to draft my own pattern according to my body measurements. I followed all of the directions to a “T,” or so I thought. At the completion of the sewing process I couldn’t put the item on. I was determined not to give up on pattern drafting so I kept at it and figured out the error of my ways (HAHA). After several attempts, I was finally able to draft my own pattern and at the end of the sewing process the item was able to be worn! YIPPEE 💃🏾

I think failing sometimes allows us to fully appreciate our wins. Never ever, ever, give up! If at first you don‘t know the rest.

I hope you all enjoy the video. Please like, comment and share! See you in the next blog post.

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