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2022 Shall Be The Year Of?

Happy New Year 🥳! I pray that your year is off to a great start.

I have wanted to do this since last year but I never got around to getting it done; this year, I made it my business to get it done. I’m glad I can say, mission completed, please keep reading.

At the beginning of every year, it's common for religious leaders to stand up in front of their congregation and set a vision for their church for that year. It kind of sounds something like this, “I declare that this year will be the year of ____ for this house,” or “this season will be a season of _____.” After hearing what was just declared, we as congregants are expected to receive the vision declared over us and expect those things to manifest in our life throughout the year. Some religious leaders go as far as to make a global declaration. Do you remember what a large majority of religious leaders around the world declared 2020 to be? Yep, I see you still remember it too, the year of clear or perfect vision. Think that was just a play on the numerical structure of the year? I don’t know, but I’m sure a lot of people saw that one coming.

In 2020, my Pastor declared the Word of the Lord for the church (which was not 20/20 vision) as well as, made several global declarations. Being the note-taker that I am, I did my best to write them down. To my surprise, a large majority of those declarations did come to pass in 2020 and at the time of me writing this blog, others are manifesting now! Maybe this was my first time paying attention to what was spoken and having a spirit of expectancy about what was spoken, but this was the first time I have experienced this happen; everything coming to pass. I have 3 pages of declarations and only a few remain unmanifested.

This sparked my interest to gather a list of declarations spoken for 2022 from not only my pastor but from other religious leaders and see what comes of it. I think it’ll be somewhat impossible for me to know whether a declaration spoken over a specific church was manifested simply because I’m not a member at that church but for those declarations that have no specific ties to a church, a person or a place and is meant to encompass the generalized public, maybe it’ll be easier. Another reason for me doing this was to also see if those global declarations that are given are congruent. This is my thought if God gives someone a declaration to profess over the nation shouldn’t those declarations all be closely similar even if spoken by several different people at different times? Well, I think so, but I do stand to be corrected if someone more knowledgeable than me in this subject has another point of view.

Since December, I’ve been writing down declarations from different religious leaders that I follow to hear what God has instructed them to declare. Not only for the reasons I stated above but because I do believe in the gift of prophecy and I do believe that God uses His chosen vessels to get messages out. I don’t believe any of the religious leaders quoted below know each other on a personal level so that means they didn’t have a pow-wow to come up with a collective word to declare.

Here are a few things I would like you to also consider. Sometimes God will not give everyone the same thing to say. Meaning, God may only tell Chuck to say “ABC”, Joe to say, “DEF” and James to say, “GHI.” Everyone is not equipped to receive the entire message. Also, maybe God uses certain people to say certain things because certain people can only receive certain things from certain people. Lol, did you follow that?! Be that as it may, all of it should come together to paint a perfect picture.

Below are the declarations for 2022 that I’ve heard from religious leaders I follow.

In the order I heard them:

1. 2022 will be the year of Divine Partnerships. (Bishop Dennis Hebert)

2. “The Lord is hitting the refresh button on your life and releasing supernatural favor upon the people of God. I [God] am breaking the spirit of devourer upon those who are willing to make [take] the extra steps. If you commit yourself to sowing seed regularly, I [God] will allow you to prosper in a pandemic. Everything you pray for you shall attain and see the miraculous and unusual favor of God upon your life and your family. A seed breaks a cycle.” (Pastor Reginald Arvie)

3. 2022 is the year of the sower. (Pastor Reginald Sharpe)

There were several other declarations regarding partnerships and seed sowing that I heard in late December and early January from other religious leaders that I did not include in the list above because they were not specifically stated to be for 2022.

As of the date of this blog, my Pastor hasn’t made a declaration for 2022 yet but when he does, I’ll be sure to update this post. I pray these declarations minister to you as well as confirm something God has told you regarding your 2022. What has your Pastor declared over your church family for 2022? Did he/she also make any global declarations? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Question: For those of you who make in-house and or global declarations, what is your process for making sure that the word(s) that you declared was/were manifested?



I made up this phrase for this blog post as I couldn’t think of a more streamlined word to use. Below is my definition of a global declaration.

Global Declaration- a word spoken (often prophetic) that applies to the entire world. Ex: “In 2 years time, something is going to threaten Facebook,” or “pray for overpopulated areas within the beginning of the year.” (These were actual declarations spoken by Apostle Matthew Stevenson on January 5, 2020)

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