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doTERRA Sun, NOT for my dark skin?

*This review is my honest opinion and is not sponsored.

The doTERRA community is so excited about the launch of its new product line, doTERRA Sun! These natural, non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan & reef safe sunscreens have been requested and desired for years. As expected, with its launch this month, products quickly flew off of doTERRA shelves.

I didn’t initially buy into the hype of this product line because I was somewhat skeptical as well as, I was in love and satisfied with the sunscreen that I had been using for the last few years. Why did I need to change? It wasn’t until I received an inbox message from someone asking me about what sunscreen I use (them not knowing about the new doTERRA Sun line) that I decided to give the doTERRA Sun line a try. If I don’t try the product first I wouldn’t be able to give it my honest opinion, right? I watched several videos about the new sun line, researched the line and watched a couple of FB live sessions promoting the new line. On one of the FB live videos I even asked a question in regards to how this product line would fare with people of color. All of the responses I received were positive and ensured me that it was appropriate for all skin types and shades. There was even one African American woman in one of the marketing videos I watched that was about the same skin complexion as me and she approved the products. So, with great anticipation I ordered the Face + Body Mineral Sunscreen Lotion.

I think it may be beneficial to let you all know what my normal morning skincare routine is as it may or may not be important. My skincare routine is VERY BASIC as I do my best to avoid toxins, chemicals, perfumes, dyes and the such as much as possible. I wake up, cleanse my face with Castile Soap (sensitive), apply essential oils Helichrysum & Davana to problem spots (acne, dark marks etc.) and apply either Sweet Almond Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil to my face. If I know that I’ll be out and about, I skip adding the Sweet Almond Oil or Fractionated Coconut oil and rather apply my sunscreen. This routine has been working for me for years.

So, when giving the doTERRA Face + Body Sunscreen Lotion a try, I followed the same routine and skipped adding the oil to my face and instead applied the sunscreen after using the essential oils. I took a picure of my face before applying the sunscreen, immediately after applying the sunscreen and 4 hours after the initial application (I ran errands in the 100+ degree weather).

My Review

I am not a fan of the doTERRA Face + Body Mineral Sunscreen Lotion and here’s why. Simply because it left that awful white cast on my face. I knew that this product contained the ingredient Zinc Oxide that’s the responsible party for the white case but because of the research I’ve previously done, the questions I’ve asked and seeing that African American woman that looked like me in one of doTERRA’s advertisements I was hopeful that this product would be different.

Here’s a little bit about Zinc Oxide. Zinc Oxide is one of the main active ingredients in the vast majority of sunscreens because it forms a protective layer on top of the skin, thereby, protecting the skin from harmful UV rays that may potentially cause sunburn and skin cancer. Zinc Oxide is also found in many infant diaper rash creams (it does the same to help alleviate diaper rash). Zinc Oxide in itself is a safe ingredient (just don’t swallow or inhale it because then it can be harmful to the body). The down side of having Zinc Oxide in a sunscreen is the awful white cast that it leaves behind. Especially on people who are darker complected. This, in my opinion is one of the reasons why most people of color, especially African Americans are turned off from using sunscreen. We don’t want to look ashy! I also didn’t like that after applying the sunscreen to my face, my fingers felt like I was rubbing two pieces of paper between them. Despite those things, the sunscreen did not feel heavy on my face, it smelled really good and didn’t cause any creases on my face.

Wearing sunscreen is a must for EVERYONE! No matter how fare or darkly complected you are. Even people with darkly complected skin can develop sunburns and get skin cancer. Growing up most, African Americans were taught that we didn’t need sunscreen because the melanin in our skin was our God given sunscreen. That isn’t totally false, but it’s not completely true. Melanin does naturally protect us from harmful UV rays BUT it isn’t and shouldn’t be a persons only protection from harmful UV rays. Just as a raincoat protects our body from getting wet if we are in the rain, having an umbrella would further protect us in the rain and it does a much better job than a raincoat alone.

I believe that this product would be much better suited for someone who isn’t as deeply complected as I am. Just because I don’t approve of this particular product doesn’t mean that I won’t necessarily give the other doTERRA Sun products a try someday. For now, I’ll stick with my current sunscreen. Just because I don’t personally approve of this particular doTERRA product doesn’t mean that all doTERRA products are not good for people of color. I'm actually looking forward to trying the doTERRA After Sun Restorative Body Spray. doTERRA has awesome products that I’ll firmly standby and recommend daily (I LOVE the hair care line, check out my blog post about it ).

If you have any questions or would like to give this product or one of the other doTERRA Sun products a try, click on this link or leave me a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

My desire to to always give you all my honest review of these products in hopes that you will too give them a try for yourself.

Until next time, stay oily & BLESSED!


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