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Essential Oils & Intimacy

Ladies and Gents is it just me or is 2022 flying by. It felt like it was just yesterday we were welcoming in the new year and it’s already February.

Well, “Lovers Month” is upon us once again. For some reason this year, my social media timeline has been filled with a whole lot of anti-love posts.

The funniest one I’ve seen thus far was the, “Cry Me A Cockroach Fundraiser.” Yes, you read that right. This fundraiser hosted by the San Antonio Zoo allows people to purchase an insect, rodent or veggie,

name it after their ex-lover, boss or friend who has been unfavorable towards them and they get the esteemed honor to watch virtually as a zoo employee feeds their purchased insect, rodent or veggie to a zoo animal. Y’all, this was so hilarious to me.

Essential oils are not just for aromatherapy, or to help with focus and concentration, essential oils can also be used in the bedroom too! Whether there is an issue with low libido due to a prescription medication or advanced age, a lack of self- esteem or self-confidence towards sex or your body image, vaginal dryness, impotence, recurrent infections, negative past sexual experiences, medical illness or anything of the like, there is an essential oil that can help.

Might I also add this very important point. Sex and intimacy are not only physical acts, they are spiritual acts too. In my opinion, our spiritual health and wellness plays a very important roll too. Have you read Song of Solomon lately? Remember that sex and physical intimacy may be physically fulfilling outside of wedlock but the best sex that comes along with fulfilment of your physical and spirit man can only be had within the covenant of marriage. I remember a couple of years ago listening to a sermon on intimacy within marriage and the female preacher began to talk about her intimacy woes within her marriage. She began to teach about the connection between God and intimacy and it was really enlightening. She gave examples of spiritual things she did to “bring back the fire” and it was entertaining as well as enlightening and proved her point that God and intimacy go hand in hand.

Now that that is out of the way, take a look below to find out what essential oils are recommended for the bedroom. The oils listed are not all of the oils that can be used for each topic, if I were to list every oil, the list would be entirely too long.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by clicking on the link below.

If you would like to find out more about the essential oils mentioned in this blog post or would like to make a purchase, click on the link below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


*The essential oils mentioned in this blog and their use is for doTERRA essential oils only.


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