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Full Circle Moments

Have you ever had a full circle moment? According to Webster’s definition, a full circle moment is a series of developments that lead back to the original source, position, or situation, or to a complete reversal of the original position. In a google search, I came across another definition of a full circle moment that I liked by MTN Universal. They wrote that a full circle moment is, “a moment when something finally clicks, or you get a revelation or an answered prayer, or something just works itself out.” They go on to say that in order for someone to recognize these full circle moments they have to allow theirself to slow down and self reflect.

October 7, 2020 I was blindsided and thrusted into a situation that I had absolutely no control over. What happened to me could have broken me, it could have caused me to immediately sit in the seat of worry and fear and even question God’s motive. I could have went down, "why me street," or began to doubt if it was really God I heard when I went to Him in prayer regarding this situation in the past. Instead of doing any of those, after hearing the news, I laughed. I know, odd right?! Only weird people laught after hearing news that's meant to hurt them. I remember going to my husband and informing him of the news and saying to him, "I'm so happy that God did it this way because if it would have went according to the way that I planned it, I wouldn't have all of these extra benefits." We both laughed in amazement of that revelation.

Well, a year to the day that I was blindsided with life changing news, October 7, 2021 I found myself driving into an entirely different situation that I wasn’t even looking for. I didn’t realize the beauty of the moment I was in the midst of until I was driving all alone in my car on the way to my destination. Literally, while driving this is how my and God’s conversation went:

God: Do you know what today is?

Me: Ummm, October 7, 2021.

God: Do you know what today is?

Me: (searching for my phone to validate the date) Yeah, it’s October 7th

God: (silence)

Me: …(silence)… (laughter erupts)… OMGGGGG it’s October 7th…(laughter erupts again)… God you are something else

(I’m pretty convinced I heard God laughing too, lol)

God didn’t say anything else after this but He did began to bring back to my remembrance everything He said to me and prophetic words he sent to me through others in the years prior. I remembered the happenings from October 7, 2020, the prophetic words spoken over me October 31, 2020, September 7, 2014, April 19, 2015 and what I spoke to family members at our 2017 Thanksgiving table about the direction I believed God was taking my life in. All of these memories came in like a flood. All I could do in the moment was shake my head in amazement and say, Thank you Jesus.

I wanted to make sure that I blog about this particular moment in my life because I know I’ll look back on this situation in the near future and be even more amazed at how God is continuining to set things up to set me up for even greater things.

Don’t be so hard headed and think that your plan is greater than God’s. Always surrender your plan and your vision for His. Even when it’s hard to do so, even when it hurts you to do so or when those around you don’t see what you see. I believe that God will rarely brings us from point A to point B on a straight and smooth road (please don’t get what I’m saying confused with Matthew 7:14). I believe that on our way to where God wants us to be we’ll have to encounter some curves, potholes, speed bumps and the like. All of these obstacles in our path equips up with the needed tools to conquer and handle appropriately what God has for us ahead. Think of them as tools in your tool belt. Take it from me, someone who likes to plan (for the best outcome and the worst outcome), sometimes God will blindside you and leave you blind along the way until He knows that you can totally depend on Him and not by what you see or plan for.

Take your hand out of the situation. As long as you keep your hand in the mix, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. From now on, slow down and afford yourself some time each day for self reflection and meditation. Meditate on God and His words (spoken and prophesied), and be ready for your full circle moments to encompass you!

BONUS TIP: Every time you receive a prophetic word write it down or record it. This will be a great tool for you to refer back to from time to time. Also, know that every prophetic word is not always for the current time and season. Some prophetic words will not make since at the time it is spoke over you. However, when you are in the season of it’s significance it will become clear. Don’t try to make it make since outside of its season.


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