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HELP, I’m homeschooling!

I have never imagined in a thousand years that I would be solely responsible for my child’s education. Becoming a teacher was never an occupation I ever wanted! But, luckily for me, it’s one that I’ve recently fallen into thanks to the pandemic. COVID has forced millions of parents into becoming their child’s educator. I would like to stop now and personally thank my son’s previous preschool teachers for all that they have done for my child! You all should have sent more notes home telling me about his classroom behavior. I sometimes find myself wanting to send a note home to his parent about how he cut up in class but shortly remember that I am his parent🤣! I tip my hat to y’all.

After 8 months of homeschooling my preschooler, I would like to share some simple homeschooling tips that may be able to help you on your homeschooling journey with your preschooler.

  1. Do what works for you and your child. Yes, get ideas from others, vet those ideas and do what only works for you and your child.

  2. You don’t have to homeschool everyday. I learned quickly that homeschooling everyday was not something that worked for me. Balancing a full time job, daily house duties and homeschooling all at the same time was something that I just couldn’t do everyday. Come up with your own personalized homeschooling schedule.

  3. You don’t have to homeschool all day. Set your start and stop time for homeschooling and stick with it. Just because in person school lasts 7-8 hours doesn’t mean that you have to allot that amount of time for homeschooling.

  4. No yelling. Yes, I said it. Kids will be kids. One moment they will be all into learning and then the next they will be using the floor as a slip-slide (trust me, I know)! Take a break and try again. Yelling and getting frustrated will only make things worse.

  5. Use online resources to your advantage. Homeschooling your preschooler doesn’t have to be a one on one style only. I love ABCmouse! It has everything you need right at the touch of a button. You can setup a classroom for your child, make your own lesson plans, check your child’s progress and get customized recommendations for your child. It’s worth every penny.

  6. Think outside of the box. Being that I’m a Nurse Practitioner I’ve began teaching my preschooler medical terminology. Now this may not help him much with the typical preschool curriculum but it allows him the opportunity to expand his vocabulary and it makes me happy when he uses the terms he’s learned.

As stated before, do what works for you and your child. As long as your child is learning, retaining that knowledge and able to recall what’s learned I think that’s all that matters. If you have any other tips please list them in the comments below.

BONUS TIP: * Don’t know how to incorporate social studies into your homeschooling lesson plan? Use today’s 46th Presidential Inauguration as a social studies lesson. There are many things that could be taught to your preschooler while watching the inauguration. *


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