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Homeschool Must-Have’s

For most of the world, the school year has started and kids have headed back into the classroom. Whether it be a physical classroom, a virtual classroom or a homeschool classroom, either way, the kids are ready for a year of learning and growing. I’ve been homeschooling my 4 year old son since his school closed its doors for good last year. Click here to check out my blog about me homeschooling here

Oh what a journey that has been. We took about one month off of homeschooling during the summer to give us (mostly me, lol) some time to do whatever we wanted to do. I’ve chosen this school year to homeschool my son again and wanted to share with you all some of the items I think every homeschool needs to have accessible to have a successful homeschool year. This blog post will focus on all of those items. I won’t discuss curriculum in this blog post, i’ll talk about that in a separate post. You may think that you need a lot of things to run your homeschool, but you really don’t. Start off with what you have and build on that as you see the need. That’s the uniqueness of homeschooling!

Whether your children are going to school virtually, is back in a physical classroom or is homeschooled, I pray that they are all safe, healthy, and accomplish more than they could ever imagine or think this school year! Cheers to a fun and successful school year!

My Homeschool Must- Have’s:

  1. Patience. This is my #1 homeschool must have. Hats off to all of the teachers out there. It’s been over a year that i’ve been homeschooling my son and each and everyday I have to ask God for a little bit more patience. I’m happy to say that I’m much more patient today than I was this time last year. Stock up on patience y’all!

  2. Laminator. Having a laminator has saved me so much money. I use my laminator to laminate worksheets that I know we’ll do over and over. Laminating these worksheets allows me not to have to reprint the same worksheets week after week. Don’t forget to pick up laminating sheets too.

  3. Dry erase markers. This goes with #2. Use the dry erase markers to write on your laminated worksheets and erase once you’re done. Plus, if your child is like mine and sometimes likes to write on the walls or their self, the ink from these markers are easy to clean off of skin as well as walls.

  4. Three hole puncher. This great to use to punch holes in all of the things you would like to keep in a three ring binder. I keep all of our daily worksheets and other activity pages in a three ring binder.

  5. Wall basket. Great for keeping all of the work for the day in one place.

  6. Painter’s tape/freezer tape. Great for taping things to the wall, plus it won’t mess up walls.

  7. Index cards & holder. Great for writing and storing things you want your kids to go over multiple times. Tip: I tape index cards to the wall and have my son go over them every day.

  8. Printer. I think you can’t go without having a printer (unless you’re balling and can pay a printing company to print all of your material). You’ll use your printer almost daily. I use a Cannon printer that I’ve had for a long time and it’s working just fine.

  9. Essential Oils. I know, you weren’t expecting this one. I believe that setting the right mood in your homeschool space is equally as important as having the right supplies. I love Thinker essential oil by doTERRA. It blended especially for kids and helps with focus and concentration. It’s great for those kids who are hyperactive too! Other great essential oil options are rosemary, spearmint, vetiver, or wild orange. Find out more and purchase Thinker here 👇

  10. Also, don’t forget to grab pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, glue, stapler & staples, highlighters, tape, a pencil sharpener & magnets (to display your child’s work on the fridge 🙂).

Are you homeschooling? Can you think of any other must-have’s? List them in the comments below.

A.M. Green.

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