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I can use essential oils for what?

Disclaimer: Statements and ideas herein are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other regulatory body. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your healthcare professional before starting anything new.

When someone thinks about essential oils it’s a natural response for people to think that essential oils are solely used for aromatherapy. However, essential oils can be used for more than just aromatherapy. Essential oils can be used to help boost the immune system, to help with health conditions, as a spice in food and in our daily cleaning routine just to name a few. Did you know that essential oils can also be used in the bedroom too? It’s true, some essential oils have aphrodisiac properties, and you know what that means… Alright, alright, alright calm down now. Here’s an excerpt from an article I read regarding essential oils and intimacy.

“Essential oils are natural substances which respond with our body’s chemistry. They are known for their healing and calming properties, but they are equally great for stimulating other responses, such as libido, as well. Essential oils that are from spices and certain flowers that have warm, rich aromas can create an aphrodisiac response.”

Here’s another,

“Certain essential oils have long been praised for their aphrodisiac qualities. One of the reasons why they [essential oils] are so effective is that their natural composition works quickly on the circulatory, endocrine & reproductive systems when applied to the skin.” The Essential Life, 2nd ed

Whether you want to use essential oils to help with low libido, a lack of interest in physical intimacy or you and your partner is just in the mood to try something different, give essential oils a try!

Have a happy and “oily” lover’s month and always remember to show love to, and appreciate your partner everyday, not just during the month of February or on Sweetest Day for my Midwest & Northeast peeps.


These are great essential oils to try this month:

❤️ Passion ❤️

❤️ Ylang Ylang ❤️

❤️ Whisper ❤️

❤️ Sandalwood ❤️

Here’s your BONUS SURPRISE‼️ Give this massage blend to try!

Want more information on essential oils and intimacy? Feel free to contact me by clicking the link below.

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