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I have my anointing oil, now what?

Spiritual warfare is not an easy feat. Going up against those things that the enemy has setup against you requires courage, strength, endurance, the right tools, and the right soldiers on your team. The Bible says, in Ephesians 6:11 KJV, “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” We are taught as Christians that God has already given us everything that we need to face whatever it is that we are dealing with. We just have to first recognize that we have the tools and then work on sharpening them. I mean, God wouldn’t tell us to put on something that we don’t already have? Right?

Let’s talk about anointing oil. I grew up going to a small Baptist church and remember my first pastor always having a bottle of extra virgin olive oil sitting on the pulpit. I soon learned that this was special anointing oil. I can vaguely remember him using it to draw a greasy cross on the head of babies when they were being christened and when older kids and adults were water baptized but that’s all that I remember him using it for. Honestly, after his passing, I don’t remember any of his successors having or using anointing oil. I have vivid memories of my mom drawing the same greasy cross on me and my siblings foreheads as well as when we moved in a new home I remember her “anointing” the house before we were able to put any of our things in it. But that’s it.

As I grew in my personal spiritual journey, I learned about anointing oil and why every believer should have anointing oil and how to use it. We’ll hear people say that we need anointing oil but they don’t go deeper. Besides the initial teaching of, use the oil when you’re battling something spiritual, no further teaching is given.

For those new to using this Biblical tool (Exodus 29:7, Exodus 30:24-26, Leviticus 8:10-12), those who didn’t know about anointing oil, and for those who have been using anointing oil for a long time, I would like to create a conversation. Let’s talk about why, when and how regarding anointing oil. Demonic spirits are running rampant right now, let’s pass along the knowledge and equip all believers with this biblical wisdom.

I’m only asking for sound Biblical knowledge. No eisegesis of the text please.

Share this blog post with your pastor, minister, elders etc. Let’s talk! I would love to have him/her as a featured blogger!

Here’s a starting point:

  1. I have my anointing oil, now what do I do with it?

  2. How do I use anointing oil?

  3. Why do I need anointing oil?

  4. Can I add anything to my anointing oil?

  5. The Bible says something about Cassia, what’s that, and do I need to put it in my anointing oil?

  6. Do I need to say anything when using it? If so, what?

  7. Where do I apply it?

  8. When should I use it?

  9. Does it have an expiration date?

  10. Can I share my anointing oil with others?

  11. Who needs to anoint my anointing oil? Can I do it myself?

  12. Why extra virgin olive oil? Can I use any other type of oil?

  13. Does the brand of extra virgin olive oil matter?

  14. People sell anointing oil, is it right for them to do that?

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