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Let’s Make Juice!

Summer is here and it’s so refreshing to sit on your front porch or back deck with a great tasting drink in hand. I recently purchased a watermelon that wasn’t as sweet as I like them, so instead of throwing the whole thing out I decided to juice it. You know I also had to find a way to add my essential oils into the mix too!

Here’s what you’ll need for this juice:

1 watermelon (cut up as much as you’re going to use for your juice)

Lemons (I used 5)


Simple Syrup

DoTERRA Lemon & Lime Essential Oil

Glass Jar

Mixing spoon

Watch the video to find out how I put it all together. I’ll apologize ahead of time for not giving you all exact measurements. When I’m in the kitchen I don’t measure anything, I just wing it.

Enjoy this delicious summer drink!

Tip: Make your own simple syrup. Here’s how. Mix granulated sugar 1:1 with water over medium heat and stir until all of the sugar is dissolved. That’s it!


Do you like salt on your 🍉?

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