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Living With A Curse

I’m sure you’ve all heard of them. Maybe you’ve felt the consequences of them. Or perhaps you’re the responsible party for their initiation or continuation. What am I speaking of? Curses. Specifically, generational curses. Generational curses are curses that are housed within a particular family that is passed down from generation to generation. Generational curses may exhibit themselves in a vast majority of ways such as certain familial traits or habits, the spirit of divorce or lack of marriage, the spirit of barrenness, the spirit of poverty despite educational level or career advancement, the spirit of sexual immorality (rape, molestation etc.), or even the spirit of mental illness, this list goes on and on and on. Generational curses usually come about because of sin.

Some people don’t believe in generational curses because they believe that when Jesus died on the cross and His blood was shed for the remission of our sins, all sin was erased. So therefore, there is no need to even be worried or concerned about things such as generational curses. Well, I beg to differ. Remission and erased are not the same. Why would you choose to stay bound when you can be loose?

Ok, ok.

This blog post is not to teach about generational curses and why you should be adamant about breaking them off of your bloodline but I do suggest that you check out the links below to learn more about generational curses, how to identify them and how to be the repairer of the breach in your bloodline.

Ok, now on to the blog post.

My husband and I recently signed our son up for swimming lessons. He was comfortable playing in the small above ground pool we have at home, he enjoyed going to the splash pad and from time to time would ask to go swimming so we jumped on the opportunity to sign him up for proper swimming lessons. He was excited to start, we were excited for him to start but we all were not expecting what was about to unfold. What should have been a 5-day experience turned into a 10-day long journey. On day 3, the swim instructor said to us that within the 40+ years that she has been teaching swim, she has never seen a reaction to the water as she has witnessed with our son. She then asked my husband, “Is this generational?” I wish there was a camera around to capture the look on my face when she uttered those words. My husband and I later talked about the swim instructors’ question and my husband reminded me of a story he’s always heard throughout his life of an uncle of his that died in his early teenage years by drowning. My husband said that because of his uncle’s drowning, his mother unconsciously instilled in he and his brother a fear of water. My husband couldn’t recall a time as a child when he had been swimming or vacationing to a beach. Even after leaving his mother’s home my husband never had the desire to learn how to swim and you wouldn’t catch him in a pool. As my husband and I spoke, more and more about the fear of water within his bloodline came out. It was made obvious that this spirit of fear is a generational curse upon my husbands bloodline that was birthed in the drowning of his uncle. Someone died, and something came alive. It has been 70+ years

since that tragic incident and the tentacles of the spirit of fear is rooted deep.

My husband and I prayed against this generational curse upon his bloodline, we covered our son in prayer and my husband began his personal work of loosing himself and the generations to come behind him from this curse. The next day, I recorded a reel in regards to this in hopes to inspire others to break generational curses and cover their children in prayer. With the work that my husband and I began to do as well as, the work that our son was already engaged in, the enemy that once had total control of my husbands bloodline in regards to their fear of water WAS NOT HAPPY. The next morning our son woke up with what appeared to be bites all over the top half of his body. I immediately put on my Nurse Practitioner hat and began to come up with a diagnosis and differential diagnosis. Like a frantic person I also stripped his bed looking for ants or a dead mosquito or something that could have caused the bites but didn’t find anything. In the midst of doing all of this, I heard the voice of the Lord say, no, don’t you see it. In that moment, I recognized what was really happening. A couple of days later, our oldest son fell sick and a few days later my husband fell sick. During this time, my husband and I never stopped praying and cutting into this deep rooted tree in his bloodline. Also during this time, our oldest son revealed something to my husband that further opened his eyes to what was happening in the spiritual realm.

I thought several times about taking our son out of swimming lessons. I didn’t want anything to happen to him in that pool. All of the wicked things that the enemy was unleashing upon my family made me think that the attacks would get worse and worse. The tragic things about kids and swimming that was appearing on my social media timeline further fed into my want to remove our son from swimming lessons. I even asked the swim instructor, if we should remove our son from class and sign him up at some other time. Her quick response was, no, because it’ll only get worse. Well, alright Lord, I hear you. Removing our son from swimming lessons would stop the process. It would mean surrendering, to the wrong deity. In order to uproot this tree, it requires work, it requires persistence, it requires human participation and it also requires faith.

My husband and I kept our son in swimming lessons and saw it through to the end. Our son is not swimming YET or putting his face in the water, however, he is now comfortable in the water and we’re extremely excited about that!

I wanted to share our testimony about this in hopes to encourage you. Generational curses are real and if they are ignored their roots will grow deeper and deeper and will require a lot of digging to uproot them. Identify the problem and start digging now. Don’t wait. Don’t put if off for tomorrow. You’ve been living with that generational curse for so long it feels normal to you. You may not even realize that that thing that you refer to as normal is actually a generational curse. Really, take some time to see if you can find other people in your family that do the same thing that you do, that have experienced the same things that you have experienced. If you see that others in your bloodline also suffer with that same thing or have experienced that same thing then most likely it’s a generational curse.

I believe that loosing a bloodline from generational curses is not a prayer only strategy. Prayer, fasting & works are all needed to uproot them. The Bible teaches us about “this kind.” Some things in our life will not budge with prayer only.

Also, take note that generational curses may present itself differently amongst those within a specific bloodline. For example, the root of the generational curse upon my husband’s bloodline is the spirit of fear not a fear of water. The fear of water is how the spirit of fear presents itself within this subgroup of people within my husband’s bloodline. Other members of his bloodline may love water and enjoy swimming however, with them, the spirit of fear may present itself as them being fearful to speak up for themselves if they feel wronged because they fear hurting someone’s feelings. Get it? The main point is to not focus on the presentation of a thing but instead find the root cause of it.

With God’s help nothing is impossible. With God’s help there isn’t a stronghold that can’t be removed. Is there anything too hard for Him?

Cancel generational curses upon your bloodline and erect generational blessings!



Check out these teachings on generational curses. Watch and rewatch them. Take notes & share with everyone you know.

  1. The Art of War (Prophetess Tiphani Montgomery & Minister Kevin LA Ewing):

  2. Prayer Against Family Strongholds (Pastor Reginald Arvie):

  3. Prayer Against Generational Curses (Pastor Reginald Arvie):

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