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Mind Your Words

Valentines Day 2020 my husband surprised me when I got off of work with a lunch date. While waiting to be seated another couple friend of ours was also waiting in line (I’ll call them Tommy and Kate). We chatted for a few minutes and Tommy asked me what was I sewing that weekend. I don’t remember exactly what my response to his question was, but I’m sure I made mention of whatever it was I had plans to sew.

For a little context, I love to sew. I’ve been sewing since I was young. I took a break from sewing while in college but picked it back up shortly after graduating. My grandmother was the seamstress in my family and watching her sew was interesting to me.

Ok, now back to the story. It’s been over a year since Tommy asked me that question and it still keeps popping up in my mind. Now, don’t let your mind drift off into the gutter...both couples are happily married. Why would such a simple question asked during casual conversation still be replaying in my mind?

I’ve come to find out that God will use whoever He choses, in whatever way He choses, whenever He choses, to get a message to us. I really believe that Tommy’s question to me was not intended to be of importance to me at that time. Because, why would it still be on replay in my mind over a year later? I believe that God used Tommy at that time to ask that particular question to be a source of reference and confirmation for me in this season of my life. Since the beginning of the pandemic and having to work mostly from home, I have been able to sew a lot more than usual, something I have been trying to strive for in the past but have been unable to find time to do.

With the amount of sewing that I have been doing, ironically, it has been somewhat overwhelming. I now have so many ideas for things I want to sew that it’s taking up every available brain cell that I have. I’ll be working on one project and in the middle of that project I’ll get an idea for another project so I stop working on what I was initially working on (because I don’t want to forget the idea) to start on the new project and then hours later, I find that I have several unfinished projects with no drive to complete any of them. Can anyone else relate?

As I said before, I love to sew. It’s a stress reliever for me. But even so, sometimes I just don’t have the motivation to do it. Did you know that sometimes we can grow weary even in doing the things that we love? It’s true.

I found that when I am feeling this way, that’s when Tommy’s question pops up in my mind, “What are you sewing this weekend.” Tommy’s question has been one of encouragement for me in this season. When I feel like giving up, inadequate or that my work is not good enough Tommy’s question rings loud in my head and reminds me that there are people out there waiting to see what I’ve created.

The gifts that God has given us, no matter if they are for the church or for the marketplace God is always going to get the glory out of them. After all, they are for His glory and for our benefit (2 Corinthians 4:15 NLT).

Always be mindful of what comes out of your mouth. A few months ago my pastor taught that there is no such thing as meaningless conversation. Every word out of our mouth and every conversation has meaning. Our words can bring life or death (Proverbs 18:21 KJV). Let’s begin to speak life into our loved ones and friends; you never know how a simple statement or question could impact their life. Thank you Tommy!


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