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Sermon Notes

This week’s sermon notes is from Pastor Reginald Sharpe Jr., Pastor of Fellowship Chicago Baptist Church. In his sermon entitled, “The Danger Of Going Back To Normal,” he warns listeners about the danger of rushing to go back to how things were before. He’s not just speaking about churches reopening or places in our communities opening their doors again, he makes it easy for us to relate this message to every area of our life. Instead of us saying, “I’m ready to get back to how things used to be,” I think we should be thanking God for slowing down the world and allowing us to look at our life, our health, our faith, our family and much more from a whole different perspective. Prayerfully, I hope that this time has afforded you time to change somethings in your life for the better, to be appreciative for everything and to realize that disconnecting from distractions is beneficial.

You can check out Pastor Sharpe’s sermon on Fellowship Chicago’s YouTube page here:


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