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Setting Fire To Demonic Alters Course Review

I know you may be looking at the title of this blog and is saying to yourself, “demonic alters?! What is this girl talking about? I’m not trying to mess with demonic spirits!”

Give me a few minutes to explain.

If you’ve ever been down Bourbon St. in New Orleans, I’m sure you’ve walked passed a VooDoo shop or a sign that said something like, “come inside for a palm reading,” or “come inside to find out what’s in your future.” I’m sure you know someone who likes to ghost hunt or who enjoys going on late night cemetery tours or even sleeping in knowingly haunted hotels. Would you refer to these things a demonic? Would you agree that engaging in these behaviors or activities open up demonic portals?

Earlier this month I participated in a course called, “Setting Fire To Demonic Alters: 8 Days To Breaking Free from Witchcraft.” That title sounds scary and dark right? Well, I know when I first read it that’s what it sounded like to me. Living in the South and hearing about witches (not like the ones we see in movies with a green face or the ones that ride on a broom) is common. There are such things as real life witches. There was a video by a comedian I watched months back about a Louisiana woman who was being verbally assaulted by a man. The woman got fed up with his assaults and violently threw a doll on the ground and the man immediately dropped dead! I know, that’s the same response I had when I heard about it.

As Christians, we are taught that when confronting the devil we should say, “I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus, get thee behind me!” And when we say this, satan will flee. But, what if he doesn’t? What if after repeating this over and over you still feel like he’s still there or that you’re still being tormented by evilness and darkness? What do you do then? Well, from what I was taught in church, I should just continue to seek God for guidance and trust and believe that He will come through for me. I believe that God will ALWAYS come through (even though it may not be how I want Him to come through). But shouldn’t there be something else that I can do?

Let me tell you about the very first time I saw an evil spirit.

When I was a teenager, I vividly remember witnessing an exorcism...well, kind of witnessing it. I say kind of because, just prior to it happening my friends and I were told to leave the premises and to not return until we were called to come back and also to pray. Before leaving, I remember seeing the young lady’s body thrashing around violently and the things that was coming out of her mouth was not recognizable, it was like a foreign language being spoken in a voice that was not her’s. I remember her eyes looking blank and a sneaky little smirk on her face. When we returned to the house, the young lady seemed liked she was back to “normal.” Those involved in the exorcism spoke to my friends and I about “evil spirits” and told us that it was not the young lady willingly behaving the way she was but was an evil spirit that had taken over her body. It’s an experience that I’ll never forget. If it were not for those people who helped this young lady, only God knows what would have happened.

Just as the people who helped the young lady (with God’s divine power) I think everyone needs to be equipped with the tools needed to BREAK FREE! The, Setting Fire To Demonic Alters course is one that has changed my life. Even though I’ve had somewhat of an experience with spiritual warfare, I was not equipped with the proper tools. For every job there are specific tools needed to complete the job. The same is for spiritual warfare. You can’t expect to confront satan, evilness and darkness without the right tools or with old and rusty tools. You’ll lose! The, Setting Fire To Demonic Alters course will equip you with the tools that you’ll need to stand boldly in front of whatever demonic alter you may be facing (generational curses, personal bondages, sicknesses etc.) and boldly say, “I SET FIRE TO YOU RIGHT NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS! MAY THE TONGUE OF EVERY WITCH THAT TRY’S TO SPEAK MY NAME BE CEMENTED TO THE ROOF OF THEIR MOUTH!” Those statements sound silly right? I know, I laughed and felt silly saying them in the beginning. But those words have power! Matter of fact, The Word of God gives us authority to declare these things.

I won’t tell you everything about the Setting Fire To Demonic Alters course because I want you to experience it for yourself. But what I will tell you is, if you do not take this course you are cutting yourself short. If I can point out one thing that stood out the most to me in this course I would say it was when Pastor Arive said, “God didn’t have pity on the enemy, why should we.” This blew my mind! It’s not like I haven’t heard this before, but in that moment, it made sense. Sometimes, saying things that may sound silly to the carnal ear may actually be what needs to be said to get the attention of whatever may be tormenting you. The Bible says, “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

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